myron and liver leaf

Myron Hardesty, PA-C, M.H. is a licensed Physician Assistant and Medical Herbalist (M.H.) and has been practicing Clinical Herbalism through Weeds of Eden for over 15 years. He received his final certification through a "master class" in 1994 from the SouthWest School of Botanical Medicine. Under the esteemed directorship of the late Michael Moore he learned the medical arts of pharmacognosy, herbal therapeutics, medical botany, vitalist theory, constitutional energetics (western/eclectic model), and ethnobotany of the Southwest. Clinical Nutrition is a fundamental strategy in his healing model.

In the the interests of fostering an Integrative medical paradigm he matriculated into the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Kentucky, graduating in 2008 followed by a one year rural residency in Internal Medicine in Lebanon, KY.

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