Kimberly Ann

September 8 at 6:54pm

Myron is an incredible resource to Kentucky. His passion for deeply understanding the healing properties of plants Is inspiring. He is very caring and thorough during consultation with patients. Wonderful experience! Myron is incredibly gifted!


Amy Guyton-Carnall

July 25 at 2:01pm

  About a year ago, I watched my husband rapidly decline in health. So much so, he was hospitalized for a week. After significant loss of weight and all food being a mortal enemy and a "conventional" "specialist" refusing to a: show any compassion b: listen to reason OR acknowledge any accountability c: feign any interest in my husband's rapid decline under his "care", we fired him. And he wasn't real happy about it. 
  Thankfully, we had reached out to a very talented, smart, and honest guy, for a second opinion. And, thankfully, the team at the hospital were open minded, receptive and kind.
  We are so grateful to Myron Hardesty for his absolute commitment to getting to the ROOT of the problem...not just lining his pockets with money from big Pharma and payments from insurance for running tests and procedures that were not necessary.
  My better half is a lean mean fighting machine and the healthiest I ever seen him! And we are indebted to Myron for his diligence and insight.
  The moral of the story is NOT to distrust your "conventional" healthcare provider. And NOT to self diagnose with WebMD. Instead, fight for your health by informing and advocating for yourself...and when you can't, have people in place that will fight for you. 

Ask questions, and better yet...have the questions written out and give a copy to your provider...and go over them. I find that if you don't write things down, you will forget and the provider will rush (you know...because there are 50 other people in the waiting room waiting for their 2 minutes of "care"). 

And if your doc is uninterested or doesn't have time or doesn't take you seriously ... Then find one that will work with you and listen to you. 

Plus, we cannot recommend Myron enough for his insightful, cut to the chase approach. He digs deep. Get there. He is a gem here in Louisville.